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Neutraliser Anti Radiation Chip for Mobiles/Tablets/Microwaves/Television/Laptops (Gold)

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  • Successfully reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation by up to 90%. Can be used on SMARTPHONES, TABLETS, LAPTOPS, WI-FI ROUTER.It acts as a barrier to protect brain and ear tissues from harmful radiation.
  • Also for design conscious people, CAN also be fixed inside the back cover of mobile phone. SO YOU CAN STILL USE YOUR FAVORITE MOBILE COVER WITHOUT HAMPERING ITS LOOK.
  • Designed for those who live or work in high EMF and wireless radiation environments, pregnant woman and children,The EMF protection patch can perfectly neutralize heat emissions and electromagnetic frequencies no matter which cell phone,laptop, handheld gaming devices,TV,refrigerator,washing machine,Microwave oven etc.
  • Slim, beautiful and lightweight can be very easily applied to any electronic appliance.EMF Protectors doesn’t interfere cell phone signal.
  • Most of electronic devices can ionize air out of positive ions, which damage our nerve cells. Radiation shield sticker neutralizes positive ions by releasing negative ions, to protect our health from EMF radiation.


Cell Phone Anti Radiation Protector Shield Sticker | Anti Radiation Protector Shield Sticker | EMF Neutralizer Patch For Use On All EMF Devices: WiFi, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Laptop | EMR Protection Blocker

Most likely you have been using a smartphone, or any other device that picks up wifi and gives off heat emissions and electromagnetic frequencies or radiation (EMF/EMR) for many years now. You have also probably wondered intuitively about their health concerns. We put these devices in our pockets, hold them for hours on our laps, and sometimes even sleep near them.

But if you or your child is suffering with any of the common symptoms of EMF exposure such as headaches, chronic colds and flus, digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, dizziness, etc; one place to start is with using VersionTech EMF Neutralizer Patch. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much this little extra piece will enhance your life.


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